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9 foods that British people are obsessed with, according to Google

Categories: Food and Wines Articles - Tuesday, 28 June 2016


A lot of people are searching for steak

A lot of people are searching for fried sweet potatoes and crumbly desserts, according to recent data from Google.

The search engine provided Business Insider with the most popular food searches in the UK between January 2015 and May 2016 to find out what Britons are interested in cooking and eating.

Here are the top 9 foods that Brits are craving:

9. Beef stew

This hearty British dish, which combines beef with carrots, celery, leeks, and potatoes in a beef stock sauce, remains a popular choice — especially in the winter.

Beef stew's popularity might have something to do with the rise of the slow cooker. In January 2016, searches for slow cooker recipes were 350% higher than they were in January 2010.

8. Flat iron steak 

Brits also want to know more about flat iron steak — a lean, boneless cut of steak that comes from the animal's shoulder and has a tender texture when it's cooked medium-rare.

7. Sweet potato fries

A healthier alternative to regular fries, sweet potato fries have become a huge food trend in the UK. The search interest in sweet potato fries was 12 times higher in January 2016 than it was in January 2010, according to Google.

6. Soft-boiled egg

Cooking a soft-boiled egg can be tricky if you don't get the timing right, which may be why it's one of the top food search terms in the UK. Eggs can also be added to any number of dishes from salads to ramen for extra flavour and colour.

5. Yorkshire pudding

No Sunday roast is complete without a Yorkshire pudding heaped with gravy and served with roast potatoes, vegetables, and beef, so it's hardly surprising that it ranks highly on Google's list.

4. Sea bass

Whether it's pan-fried, griddled, or battered, sea bass is favoured by seafood fans in the UK, according to Google.

3. Greek salad 

With healthy eating on the rise, Brits are looking to the Mediterranean diet for delicious food that's full of nutrients. The Greek salad, made with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, red onion, leafy greens, and crumbled feta, is one of the most popular exports.

2. Fish and chips

Though it might seem like an obvious choice, this quintessential British meal really is one of Brits' favourite things to eat.

1. Apple crumble

This wholesome dessert is the no. 1 food Brits are searching for on Google, perhaps representative of the popularity of baking and shows like "The Great British Bake Off". This dessert, which combines baked apple sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar with a crisp top layer, is best served warm with ice cream or cold with custard.

Source: Independent.co.uk

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