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Mezzacorona and Stemmari Debut Their First Rosé Wines

Categories: Food and Wines Articles - Sunday, 29 March 2015


With a rise in rosé production around the world, Italian wine producers, Mezzacorona from Trento in northern Italy, and Stemmari from Sicily, are releasing their first rosé wines this Spring. These crisp wines, round and fragrant with mouth-filling red berry fruit, will quench your thirst on a hot summer day, perfect by the glass or with food. Seductive in the glass, transparent ruby red in color, with distinct aromas, and a personality of their own, these wines are very different from Provence rosé. More viscous, less dry, yet still fresh and fruity, with more subtle aromas, including a hint of bread or yeast from the lees aging, the flavor is rich and round, almost like a red wine, but with the acidity of a white. Both wines are crafted from native varietals, are stylish in structure, and will make quite the conversation piece for your summer soirées! And best of all they are easy on the wallet, retailing for under $10.

These unusual Italian rosé wines from Mezzacorona and Stemmari are great bang for the buck, beautiful to look at, tasty to sip, easy summer wines that drink on their own or with food.

Mezzacorona Rosé 2014, 100% Lagrein from the Adige Valley north of Trento, is fresh and fruity, with aromas of wild red berries, flowers, and a hint of spice. At 12% ABV, it has good acidity, with a round body in the mouth, and a slight creamy texture from the lees aging. Lagrein makes a fragrant wine; as a red wine, it is plummy, earthy, herbal, a little chewy, full bodied but not heavy, with a mineral edge, and a persistent finish. This unusual grape, related to Syrah and Pinot Noir, and grown almost nowhere outside of Alto Adige, produces a rosé with a strong personality and nice acidity.

Stemmari Rosé 2014, 100% Nero d’Avola from the Ragusa region of southeast Sicily, is also fresh but a bit less fruity, with wild strawberry, cherry, and red currant fruit. It has good acidity balanced with minerality, and also finishes long. Nero d’Avola makes a deep red wine, fruity and full bodied, with a touch of earth, floral, and mineral, and is lightly tannic; as a rosé, it’s enjoyable for its crisp, fruity, mineral character.

Both Mezzacorona and Stemmari use 100% sustainable winemaking practices in the production of these rosé. Soon, these value priced wines will be widely available nationwide, and another reason to embrace summer, with rosé that will be the life of the party! Samples provided for evaluation by Wagstaff Worldwide PR, on behalf of Mezzacorona and Stemmari Wines.


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