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VinePair Makes Picking Your Pizza Wine Easy

Categories: Food and Wines Articles - Thursday, 05 March 2015


In my house, we have an entire shelf dedicated to a category we call "pizza wine." That's an easy-drinking red, frequently Spanish or Portuguese to fit in the budget, that pairs nicely with pizza or any red sauce. We don't usually think any deeper than something that can cut through the acid of the tomatoes and that costs less than $15.
But clearly we've been selling ourselves short and missing out on more in-depth pairing possibilities based around the toppings on our favorite pies. Now there's a website that takes many other flavor pairings into account when picking your pizza wine.

VinePair couldn't be much simpler to use. You simply click on the dominant ingredient that tops your pizza and select whether you want to drink red or white wine, and presto, the site gives you a suggestion. Pepperoni and red wine? Chianti is the easy answer, but VineApp also recommends Syrah or Cabernet Franc as alternatives.

Veggie lovers can pair their pie with Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc or unoaked Chardonnays. I was surprised to see a button for asparagus, because that plant has traditionally been known as almost impossible to pair with wine. VineApp takes on the challenge and comes up with Soave to stand up to the vegetal flavors of asparagus. They also suggest Prosecco, because that Italian sparkler pretty much goes with everything.

They even admit defeat in a polite way if you ask for a red wine to go with your asparagus, saying, "Red wine and Asparagus can often clash given Asparagus's intense green vegetal flavors, but we're all for drinking what you like, so if red wine's you're thing, simply grab your favorite pizza wine for this pie." That sounds exactly like what I would suggest.

The website is free to use, so grab yourself a good pizza this week and check out VineApp on the way to the wine store before you get home.


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