Grappa Monovitigno and Grape Eau-De-Vie Export Typical Italian Products, Prodotti Tipici Italiani

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Grappa Monovitigno and Grape Eau-De-Vie

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Grappa Monovitigno  and  Grape Eau-De-Vie

Technical specifications



In ordr to produce these grappas from one autoctonous vene we have chosen famouse lacations which boast the most important venes and here we select only the best dregs. To obtain the best from therm, we distillate the dregs twice after the so called discontinuous method. We lead the product to perfection making in rest for more than two years. The deep, limpid tastes of our grappas are able to "transport" our soul and our mind direcly to the origin places of the vines, making us enjoy the products by means of their distinctive belonging notes.

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  • Category: Wines and Liqueurs
  • Product Type: Spirits
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Distillati Rotondi di Rotondi Giovanni

  • Region: Emilia Romagna
  • Country: Italy
  • Categories: Wines and Liqueurs,
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