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Food and wine, a Slice of Haven

カテゴリ: Food and Wines Articles - Monday, 24 5月 2010


Thousands turned out for Camden Haven's annual food and wine festival in Laurieton on the NSW mid-north coast yesterday.

Slice of Haven featured the best of local food, wine and beer from the region, as well other locally produced items and entertainment.

The rain showers throughout the day did not keep the food lovers away it just made for crammed and cosy tents.

A number of amateur actors also added an interesting touch of street entertainment to the event.

For the first time a talking information booth welcomed visitors directing them to various locations around the site.

"Oh hello my name is Jorgia with a J," says a male volunteer dressed and speaking as a female from inside a cardboard box.

"I'm the information booth person for today's event at Slice of Haven."

The talking information booth entertains the children, who giggle and then run away.

Meanwhile the parents are ordering plates of food, from trays of fresh oysters to wagyu rissoles, and tasting different varieties of local wine.

There were chocolates, macadamias, cheese, tomatoes, native bush foods, cup cakes, coffee and even locally produced doggy biscuits.

Slice of Haven is a first time event for Andrew Lawrence from nearby Innes View Vineyard who was busy serving up a collection of white and red wines.

The wine producer says they saw Slice of Haven as a great opportunity to promote the winery and its location.

The boutique winery is the newest vineyard in the region.

"Our winery started up 2002, the vines were planted, 2005 was our first vintage and since then all the experts have come in and helped us to increase out crop," he says.

"2008 we branched out and made a rose, 2009 we made a sparkling rose which sold off the shelf as well as a sparkling white so all sales are going really well at the moment."

You can't go past fresh oysters as the perfect partner to that glass of wine.

The Armstrong family grow oysters in the Camden Haven River and are no stranger to food and wine festivals and farmers' markets around the region.

Brandon Armstrong says the oysters, both cooked and natural, have been very popular this year.

"We've certainly had a lot of people testing our oysters today, and I think with the volume we've gone through so far I think most people have sample one or their partner has," he says.

He says last year they were caught out, not enough stock, so this year they came well and truly prepared.

"You've still got your oyster lover who loves their natural oyster but today there's been two thirds of them wanting them cooked today."

That decision would no doubt be due to the cool day Slice of Haven was experiencing from the rain.

Source: abc.net.au

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