Richiesta di spumante per Monopolio canadese COD. M248 Export Typical Italian Products, Prodotti Tipici Italiani

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Richiesta di spumante per Monopolio canadese COD. M248




Vintages Department at the LCBO in Ontario is seeking Sparkling wines:

Products with history of strong sales or new wines with strong compelling cases
-Net prices sought, excluding any commission, are: ITALY   <  $ 20 


Ex cellar -  12 (bottle x case) € 60 (euro net x case)
Ex cellar -  6 (bottle x case)  € 27.70 (euro net x case)

Have you any wine(s) that you wish to have Appellation Wines submit on your behalf?

Kindly complete the attached form (richiedilo a info[] in its entirety for every submission and return by December 8, 2010. Please note that Vintages pays particular attention to wines that have been received 'compelling' third party reviews (Decanter, Wine Spectator, Robert Parker, Gambero Rosso, I Veronelli, Luca Maroni, International competitions etc....) and that are competitively priced. Kindly provide as many reviews that pertain to the wines being submitted as possible. If the wine was just released with no reviews, information from previous years may be quite helpful.

This could pontentially result in a 100-800 cases order. You have nothing to loose.

No sample bottles are needed, yet.

A copy of the LCBO response will be emailed to you for your records.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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  • Published: 03.12.2010
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