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Starbucks launches Nitro Cold Brew Coffee to their UK stores

Catégories: Food and Wines Articles - Friday, 24 Février 2017


But what exactly is it?

Starbucks is bringing its Nitro Cold Brew coffee to the UK giving loyal iced coffee customers a new way to enjoy their favourite tipple.

The brand has been selling the beverage across the pond in the U.S. for a while now, but from today onwards you’ll finally be able to buy it here.

So what is it?

Nitro Cold Brew is made by taking Starbucks’ original Cold Brew coffee (that’s coffee that’s been brewed by steeping beans in cold water for 20 hours or more) and infusing it with nitrogen using a special tap a bit like the one you see in pubs.

As the nitro pours out, it cascades into the cup settling into a dark coffee with a velvety and creamy foam on top.

As of today, you’ll only be able to buy Nitro Cold Brew at the Starbucks Reserve Store near Leicester Square in London, but there are plans to roll it out to around 100 stores in the UK over the summer.

They’re also planning to expand their cold coffee range with the addition of two new drinks in May including the Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream and the Cappuccino Freddo.

The first is made with vanilla syrup, cream and semi-skimmed milk, while the latter involves dark, rich espresso poured over ice and topped with cold skimmed milk foam.

Source: Independent.co.uk

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