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Organic Wine Award Entries Draw to a Close

Catégories: Food and Wines Articles - Friday, 27 Mars 2015


The entry window for the 2015 NZ Organic Wine Awards is now drawing to a close, with final submissions and samples to be received by Friday 3rd April.

Both the number of partaking vineyards and number of wines entered is currently up around 30% from last years entrants. This is a result of the increased presence of the young wine award, and also newly certified vineyards becoming eligible to enter.

In order to compete, vineyards must be certified organic, and all wine entered must be produced from 100% certified grapes. A vineyard can be certified organic by any of New Zealand's four certification authorities, however the large majority of organic vineyards are certified by Biogro. A conversion from non-organic to organic certified generally takes 3-4 years.

The New Zealand Organic Wine Awards believes that organic wine can create a final product of higher quality than non organic wine, and we are committed to finding and promoting the best than NZ has to offer.

The 2015 NZ Organic Wine Awards will be judged throughout April, with results being publishedMonday 20th April. Results and tasting notes from the 2014 awards are available on our website.


Source: scoop.co.nz

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