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Turkey set to put strict rules on labelling in bid to protect consumers

Catégories: Food and Wines Articles - Thursday, 17 Août 2017


Turkey’s Food, Agriculture, and Livestock Ministry has prepared a labelling directory that explains the definitions and prohibitions that can be used on food labels, in a bid to minimize deceptive labels that mislead consumers. According to the directory, the words “real” and “genuine” cannot be used on food labels. It will take at least 30 years to call a product “traditional” after its launch. While there are explanations like “pure honey” and “real fruit/fruity,” “genuine ice cream” can not be used on labels. In order to call a product “traditional” it needs to be produced in the same way for at least 30 years.

Any “farm-type yoghurt,” “village-type yoghurt,” “village yoghurt” or “farm yoghurt” statements cannot be used on labels anymore to define factory-produced strained yoghurt.
While the “homemade” statement cannot be used for any processed foods, any statements like “with a homemade taste” or “with the touch of a mother’s hand” can be used.
“Fresh” can only be used for products that are genuinely fresh. This definition can be used in labels on fresh fruit salads which are produced only with fresh fruits, fresh milk goods with a very short shelf-life and also for non-pasteurized beer. For pasteurized milk, the statement “pasteurized fresh drinking milk” can be used but for any UHT or sterilized milk “fresh” can not be used. Additionally, “fresh cheese” must be used for “Quark.” If there is soy sauce in Turkish type ravioli, this must be stated with capital letters. Lastly, when a food includes more than 2 percent trans-fat, the nutrition notification about its existence is obligatory.

Source: ICE

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